Thursday, 22 August 2013

First post ramble!

So, seeing as I haven't actually made it to France yet- and won't do until mid-September- there isn't much to post about!

So as a bit of back story- I go to the uni of Manchester and study straight French, so I'll be spending the entire year there unlike some of my friends who have to split their time between different countries. I've opted to be an English language assistant. I could have gone to uni, but (being a huge nerd) I wanted to choose the option that would make me awesome at French. I just hope all the angry Parisian teenagers don't kill me or swear at me in some colloquial fashion that I don't understand......

Also, believe it or not I was in a car crash over the summer which makes the whole process a lot more difficult; if my doctor says I can't go then I've got a lot of international phone calls to make (long story short: trashed car/broken pelvis/can't walk......), but to be honest, I'll hobble there on crutches if I have to!

That's all for now, but you'll get to know me better as the next year unveils.

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