Monday, 2 September 2013

Booking time!

So- the time has come to finally get booking flights! Still not 100% sure what dates I want to leave, it'll either be somewhere among the week beginning 16th of September, or the week after (week  beginning 23rd).
If we leave earlier I'll miss the Manchester freshers week:( But, at the same time, am I really in good enough condition to be grooving and going out on the lash? At best I'll have a walking stick, and part of me is thinking I'll need all the time I can get to find accommodation in time. And at any rate, a two week holiday in Paris isn't so bad!

Ryanair seems to have some ridiculous deals at the moment though, £17.99?!?!?!
I mean, is that even possible?

But alas, ryanair being ryanair, their only flights are Manchester to Paris Beauvais, which is about an hour away from actual Paris. On the other hand easyjet has flights for roughly £30 (to Charles de Gaulle at least) and Jet2 is £24. They're all cheapest for different dates etc etc so I'll have to wait for the mother to come home and discuss- SO EXCITED THOUGH.
And I'm even more excited by the fact that most of my friends are already in their respective language countries- mostly Russia, France and Spain. HOW BLOODY FANTASTIC.
I think I'm going to peruse craigslist just so I can pick out my extravagant parisian apartment...

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